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  • About Us

    JFE Techno Manila, Inc. (JFETM) was established as a major hub providing engineering design works and support services to its mother company, JFE Engineering Corporation (JFEE), one of the leading engineering companies in Japan. JFEE creates products and services for the following business fields.

    Environmental Solutions


    Energy Industries

    Industrial Machineries

  • Message from the President


    As a member of the JFE Engineering Group, JFE Techno Manila is engaged in engineering business specializing in social infrastructures such as environmental and energy plants and bridges. Under the slogan of [A vision to great solution. A passion to make it happen.], our company continuously contributes to society, creating the foundations of life that is connected to everyday life.

    With the integration of advanced technologies, our company handles large scale natural gas storage and distribution facilities, waste to energy plants (WtE) and infrastructures such as bridges in a progressive design work flow from conceptual design to basic design to detail design. We have a pool of engineers that can cater to a wide range of requirements in various fields.

    In addition, project engineers can apply their knowledge acquired in design works when performing SV at site (not only in Japan but all over the world). Our engineers continue improving their design knowledge by gaining experience when their designs are realized at site.

    Moreover, we are continuously expanding year by year in the field of IT where our engineers are able to play active roles. We specifically provide IT support in terms of technical and security, develop various systems including core systems and e-learning education support to each overseas base of the JFE Group.

    Through personnel exchange with JFE Engineering, a technical education system has been functioning effectively. In addition, we have a company policy where Japanese language education is provided to all employees. This can serve as a tool for effectively performing the skills acquired. Together with technical education, we are continuously working on it.

    In addition, a system has been established within the company to improve operations based on the proposals of employees themselves. Aside from our QMS (Quality Management System) compliant to ISO9001, working in Japanese-style “KAIZEN” or “continuous improvement” can be acquired to oneself through work.

    With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted a work from home (WFH) centered business system. While minimizing the health and safety risk of the employees, we continue our business without reducing the scope of work and the scale of the company even with this disaster.

    In the future, all employees will grow further together with the company as it advances and expands and will strive to become an indispensable partner of JFE Engineering Group.

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  • Our History

    Oct 1995: Establishment of NKK Techno Manila, Inc.

    Jun 2003: Adopted the name JFE Techno Manila, Inc.

    Dec 2005: Obtained ISO 9002:2000 Certification from SGS

    Jan 2007: Approved Registration to PEZA

    Apr 2014: Started JE1 Activities

    Oct 2015: Celebrated 20th Anniversary

    Oct 2019: Reached 500 employees

    Oct 2020: Celebrated 25th Anniversary

  • Corporate Philosophy


    To be a leading company together with JFE Engineering in design, project engineering, and IT support services through advanced technology and excellence.

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Corporate Values

    Each employee of JFE Techno Manila adheres to these values as an aid in promoting the company’s vision.

    Having Integrity

    Having Integrity

    Having Culture of Transparency

    Having Culture of Transparency

    Having Sense of Ownership

    Having Sense of Ownership

    Having Passion

    Having Passion

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Quality Policy

    Our design, project engineering, and IT support services shall be based on customer requirements, with the fulfillment of their expectations, satisfying local and international laws and regulations, and committed to continually improve through our Quality Management System.

  • Corporate Philosophy


  • Corporate Environment

    Quality Management System

    To ensure its compliance with ISO 9001:2015, JFETM is dedicated to the Quality Management System making sure that continuous improvement and compliance are implemented. JFETM also facilitates all QMS-related activities for orientation, audits and trainings.

  • Corporate Environment

    Training or Technical Development

    JFETM is continuously developing the technical knowledge and capabilities of its employees through the promotion of technical and non-technical lectures, trainings and knowledge transfer and sharing by senior and experienced engineers to younger members.

  • Corporate Environment

    New Employee Training Program

    Every new employee undergoes a 6-month intensive technical training program in preparation for work that will be handled. Each section has its own senior staff that handles the preparations of the training materials, logistics and the final assessment.

  • Corporate Environment

    In-House Japanese Class

    The company sponsors an In-House Japanese Class program for all employees at different levels to encourage, enable and enhance the Nihongo language proficiency skills for better communication with the Japanese counterparts and staff.

  • Corporate Environment

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    JFETM also engages and advocates in social and civic responsibilities through the regular participation in Blood Donation programs with the Philippine Red Cross, orphanage visits and environmental awareness through tree-planting activities.

  • Corporate Environment

    Corporate Activities

    JFETM sponsors yearly Sports Fest and a wellness program to promote camaraderie, work-life balance, health, wellness and welfare of its employees. Summer outings and team buildings, Halloween-themed event and year-end party round up the social activities, espoused by the company.

  • Corporate Information

    Company Name

    JFE Techno Manila, Inc.


    23rd flr. Robinsons Cyberscape Alpha Bldg., Sapphire and Garnet Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines, 1605

    Licenses & Accreditations

    Quality Management System
    Philippine Economic Zone Authority

  • Corporate Environment

    Company Health, Safety and Environment Policy

    JFE Techno Manila, Inc. recognizes and is committed to provide, establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all its Members, Contractors and Subcontractors, and Visitors.

    JFE Techno Manila, Inc. guarantees an effective Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Program through demonstrated Leadership Commitment, Member Involvement and a Safety and Health Driven Culture integral to business activities.

    JFE Techno Manila, Inc. guarantees the following principles relevant to OSH Commitment:

    • Compliance to all legal and other applicable OSH requirements.
    • Hazard-free work environment through workplace monitoring, assessment and implementation of corresponding controls.
    • Availability of resources and facilities vital to implementation of OSH activities and programs.
    • Communication and promotion of OSH activities, programs, policies in line with the Company’s disciplines and operations, to enhance awareness and develop competence of Members at all levels of the Organization.
    • Clear and consistent understanding of Management, Members, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Visitors on their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in the implementation of OSH activities and programs.

    JFE Techno Manila, Inc. shall continually improve its implementation and management of Occupational Safety and Health in the workplace by setting objectives and strategies that are consistent and relevant to its development.

    This is to guarantee all employees and incoming employees that we have a safe and healthy working environment.