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2022 JFETM President’s Award

Pipeline Section Representatives Receiving their Gold Award

The year 2022 saw JFETM execute the return to office (RTO) and subsequent hybrid work arrangements. Even with the challenges from these setups, TM employees managed to exceed their work expectations and were recognized for their exemplary efforts in the 2022 JFETM President’s Award. Last year’s awards included 3 gold winners, 5 silver winners, and 19 bronze winners.

For its “Successful Establishment of 3D Coordinator and Engineering Manger Support for Waste to Energy Plant”, the gold award was given to Richard Dalag and Jeckbhel Garcia of the Environmental Project Engineering Management Group. Another gold winner is the Energy CAD Group of the Process Section with their AVEVA P&ID Execution Flow Improvement and Development. For a second straight year, members of the Pipeline Section received another gold for their efforts in Successful Utilization of Autodesk Civil 3D for 3D Pipeline Designing, MTO, and Drawing Creation and their Successful Utilization of AutoCAD Plants 3D in 21 projects.

All the other silver and bronze awardees were also involved in one or more of the following activities – improvements in work execution, successful project completion, acquisition of new work scope, work scope expansions, and recognition of work contribution.