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2022 JE1 Finals Winners

The 2022 JE1 Finals is back again to its face-to-face presentation after a two-year restriction. For this iteration, Logistics and Crane Section (LCS) claimed its second 1st place award in 5 years with its Stress Analysis Data Automation and Output Evaluation (STAND OUT). In 2nd place is System Integration Section with Knime for Watch Table IO List Creation (KWIC). At no. 3 we have a regular podium finisher, Pipeline Section with their Automated Piping Material Take-Off Generator (MTO GEN). The 4th placers were the No. 1 Fabrication Section with their Reinforcing Ribs Custom Component on Caisson (R2C3) and first-time awardee No. 2 Equipment Section with their avenger-themed titled entry in Be Independent Engineers and Improve in Management (Be IERONMAN). This JE1 Finals also saw the Nihongo Education Section won a special award for its 満足度 93% ~HYBRID でじゃんじゃん解決 (93% satisfaction thru hybrid setup)!