TM Did It Again! (From runner-up to champion)

JFETM, represented by Steel Structure Design Engineering Section (SSDES), was declared champion in the 14th JFE Engineering Group JE1 Finals held at JFE Engineering Yokohama Head Office last March 9, 2018.

TM representatives were shocked after being declared champion

The JE1 Competition is an annual event which showcases different improvements/innovations implemented by each department to increase the company’s profitability.
ProCES (Procedure for Crane Equipment Simulation) was chosen as JFETM’s entry in Japan after winning first place in the JFETM JE1 Competition held last January 23, 2017 in which a total of seventeen groups competed

Proud and overjoyed TM representatives with Mr. Teruhiko Hata (Senior Managing Director) and Mr. Yasuto Ando (Managing Director).
(L to R): Mr. Teruhiko Hata, TM Director Okuyama, Joana Jimenez, Faye Flores, Lovely Azcarraga, TM President Yamagishi,
Mr. Malvin Magculang and Mr. Yasuto Ando.

From last year’s runner-up to this year’s champion, JFETM holds true to its commitment to continuously improve and contribute to JFE Engineering Group’s growth.
JFETM will represent JFEE in the upcoming *QC Circle Conference in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan from May 24 – 25, 2018.
*QC Circle is a small group consisting of first-line employees who continually control and improve the quality of their network, products and services. –JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers) website