President's 2018 Fiscal Year Message

“A vision to great solutions. A passion to make it happen."
As part of the JFE Engineering (JFEE) Group, this fiscal year marks the beginning of the “New Midterm Plan”.

As we start the new fiscal year of JFE Techno Manila (JFETM), I will explain the plans and policies for this year that we had set up in line with the direction of the “JFE Techno Manila’s Midterm Plan” that we formulated last fiscal year.

   We will keep our aggressive approach in advancing the expansion and up-
  grading our business scope.In every discipline for each section, we will exe-
  cute discussions with the corresponding counterpart in Japan regarding
  this matter.

  Aside from acquiring new business scopes through the “Intra-Company Tra-
  nsfer Dispatch Scheme”, we also started the “Japanese Lecturer Invitation
  Scheme” last year wherein we aggressively invited JFEE engineers to provi-
  de lectures to our engineers here in Techno Manila. For this year, we will con-
  tinue and expand this scheme.

  We made a significant organizational change this fiscal year. With this, we
  could realize more efficient management by contributing side-by-side to
  commonly used brand new technologies, flexible utilization of manpower
  corresponding to load status, etc. by which will greatly contribute to JFE
  Engineering Group.

   By expanding the design functions and size of JFE Techno Manila,
  we aim to become a worldwide design center of JFE Engineering

  Furthermore, as a project implementation resource supply base, we are cur-
  rently working on international projects on Bridges, WtE (Waste to Energy)
  and or Water Supply. We provide Project Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Piping
  Design Engineers, Commissioning Engineers, Electrical Construction Super-
  visors, Plant Operation Supervisors, etc. to the project sites and to contribute
  in the smooth execution of the projects.

  As a Global IT Support Center, we will drastically expand the current IT System Section and will further support the JFE Engineering Group’s Global offices for their IT maintenance, system upgrade support,system security audit support and more.

Based on the stated plan and policy, we already exceeded 420 personnel at the end of March 2018. But we aim to achieve approximately 500 personnel at the end of 2018 Fiscal Year.

Your cooperation is essential in order to achieve the changes and expansion mentioned earlier. In order to lead Techno Manila in the direction where it should be, I ask you to thoroughly manage business objectives.

Managers should set appropriate targets and work on reforms. Members should consult to their superiors who are aware of the organization’s goals, clarify the essential points needed from their current level, set the goals and try to improve the level.