Outreach Operation For Taal Volcano Victims

As a continuing effort, on February 15, 2020, JFE Techno Manila held a relief operation for the Taal Volcano victims at the Provincial Sports Complex of Bolbok Batangas. After the eruption of the Volcano on January 12, 2020, many families took refuge in evacuation centers, one of which was the said sports complex. Though the volcanic activity of Taal Volcano is weakening and is maintained at Alert Level 2 as of writing time, DOST-PHIVOLCS (Dept. Science and Technology – Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) recommends to residents that entry into Taal’s Permanent Danger Zone is strictly prohibited.
After a decision to hold a relief operation from the upper management of JFETM, the Administration Section asked the company’s employees for support and participation to the victims. Traveling all the way from Ortigas head office to Batangas, 15 JFETM members assisted in the event.
The company donated clothes, blankets, towels, food, and water to the victims. Thankfully, the relief operation was a success and it was all made possible because of the initiative of the company and the efforts of all those who assisted and donated.